Obsession of selfie may lead you to psychological disorder

It is a trend which has grown immensely in recent 5-6 years, where people take selfies day and night; whatever they like and whenever they want, and upload them on social media. “Selfie”, became an official word in the oxford dictionary in 2013. Selfie aren’t necessarily a weird craze or a viral trend amongst teenagers. While they may sometimes just be a form of teenage vanity, we believe they are important in the digital age as a form of communication, self-expression and documentation.

There are millions of selfies taken every day, we are living in selfie-obsessed world. The pursuit of the perfect selfies sometimes invites deaths. Unfortunately, India had the most reported selfie deaths in 2016. That number has risen each year since then.

The researchers found that people who take selfies for sharing on social media often have narcissistic tendencies. The report says these people “use selfies as a form of self-identification and expression”. They may take selfies in more dangerous settings because they seek greater attention.

These dangerous situations can lead to injury, and even death. The researchers define a selfie death as “death of an individual or a group of people that could have been avoided had the individual(s) not been taking a selfie”.

That’s why being a researchers or a bunch of statisticians, our interest to study deeply on this topic has increased.  Objectives to be researched on this topic are given below.

  • To study whether taking selfies are independent of gender.
  • To study whether people are affected from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and its Median Age.
  • To study which Age-groups are affected with which type of selfitis and their Modal Age.
  • To study the mentality of people behind taking selfies and not taking selfies.
  • Where do people prefer to take more selfies and with whom?

Visit the file for methods and conclusion.

report file


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